Green gifts from Skymall? Really?

‘Tis the season and all that… the holiday shopping insanity is about to begin in earnest. If you’re looking for gifts with a lighter environmental footprint, Skymall may be at the bottom of your list of vendors — it’s hard to see how a business designed for shopping on planes could be any less green. And then there are the products… how many items do you really need designed only for cooking hot dogs?

Despite a wealth of items that make the pet rock look, well, useful, Skymall does have a handful of products you might describe as green (or, greenish). Now, let’s define that quickly: there are no lifecycle assessments with the product listings, and, for all I know, they’re all made in developing countries. A few are still pretty useless (as you’ll see). But, at the very least, they either use renewable energy or recycled materials, or they encourage green behavior. Not perfect, but not completely bad, either…

So, got someone on the list for whom green, and maybe a little quirky, might work? Check out these Skymall options:

  • The Solar-Powered Waving Queen: Got an Anglophile to shop for? S/he will no doubt love this tiny replica of Queen Elizabeth that waves (in royal style, of course). Check it out above…
  • The Wovel: Snow blowers be damned… the Wovel combines a wheel and leverage to create a human-powered snow removal product. Perfect for Dad…
  • The Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker: OK, we’re stretching “green” to the max here, but this was just too good to pass up: rainbows on demand
  • The Champagne Cork Stool: Cork’s a very renewable material, this stool shaped like a bottle cork will definitely serve as a conversation piece. Extra seating for the single apartment-dweller on your list?
  • The Seatbelt Handbag: What does a manufacturer of seatbelts do with leftover material? Make handbags, of course… for the greenish fashionista.

Found something else at Skymall that’s marginally green… or maybe even quite green? Share it with us… and have fun!