Fate of the World: climate science meets PC gaming

Frustrated by the pace of climate policy in the US and around the world? Think you could do a better job of creating change that maintains economic and political stability while addressing the threat of global warming? Red Redemption, the British game maker who created the BBC’s popular Climate Challenge, is giving you a chance to prove your ability to save the planet with its new offering Fate of the World.

From various descriptions and reviews, Fate of the World sounds like Civilization with an environmental bent. You’re in charge of an agency tasked with controlling carbon emissions, and must make choices based on economic, environmental, and political impact. Your choices have consequences: according to the Guardian‘s Jack Arnott, “Put an emissions cap on a growing economy, stifling growth, and they’ll get fed up and throw your agency out of the area. Encourage investment and prosperity and there’ll soon be environmental consequences.”

What makes Fate of the World different from similar “rule the world” games is the information used to determine outcomes: according to Judy Molland of Care2, the game “…features actual data from real-world climate models, anecdotes from the polar explorer Pen Hadow, and input from a team of scientists and economists in the US and the UK.” But, it also doesn’t sound dry and wonky… various scenarios give you goals ranging from saving the world to creating Apocalypse, and Arnot notes “dark [humor]” throughout.

Ready to give your own climate plan a test? Fate of the World’s currently in pre-order… If you try it out, come back by and let us know what you think… and what you learned about climate change and geopolitics.