The ecovillage: a hotbed of conscious capitalism

Ecovillages don’t get a lot of press coverage, so you can probably be forgiven if you automatically associate them with EASY RIDER and the word “commune.” Those associations typically gloss over the diversity present in these communities (which continue to spring up), including their economic diversity. Nope, they’re not all socialist utopias… while sharing is a big part of almost any intentional community, entrepreneurship and commerce also figures into the equation in many cases.

Sometimes, these businesses are community-run enterprises to which all residents must devout some time and labor. Others are pure entrepreneurial efforts by individual community members. Some are “brick and mortar”; others exist online. Nearly all are “green” in some form or fashion. And, like the “regular” small business community, their forms and functions are only as limited as the founders’ imaginations and the market’s demand for their products and services.

Just a few ecovillages with thriving commercial sectors…

We’re definitely just scratching the surface here: if you’ve got a favorite ecovillage-based business, let us know about it.


Image credit: GaylaLin at Wikimedia Commons