Dubious iPhone app of the week

Fake Calls is an iPhone app that lets you receive a fake call on your phone — you can either tap the icon on your home screen (discreetly labeled FC) and your phone will ring in ten seconds, or else you can schedule a call in advance. Your phone will look and sound exactly like you’re receiving an incoming call — you can select in advance who the caller is, from your mom to your boss to the president — except that nobody’s really there. You can then “answer” the call — or decline it if you’re using the app just to prove you have manners.

Let it be stated for the record that we do not officially endorse this iPhone app as a means of cutting a blind date short. But you should definitely feel free to use it if you’re being awkwardly dumped after two dates, or you’re stuck in a pointless meeting on the day before your holiday break, or your brother-in-law has been explaining his process for brining the turkey for the past 30 minutes.

But if you do decide to use it to end an excruciating blind date  – and we know you will — we guess $1 is a small price to pay. And, hey, at least the company donates 10% of all their earnings to charity, meaning you can feel like 10% less of a douchebag for faking the call.