Vancouver entrepreneur set to launch "green Groupon"

“Deal-a-day” service Groupon has grown dramatically since it’s launch, so it’s no surprise that other entrepreneurs are figuring out ways to replicate this model. Today’s Vancouver Sun tells the story of one BC-based entrepreneur looking to ride the group buying wave… but with a decidedly green tint.

Annalea Krebs’ ethicalDeal will launch this week, with a focus on the conscious deal-seeker in Vancouver. Like Groupon, ethicalDeal will send out a daily offer that requires a minimum number of purchasers to take effect. Unlike the 800-lb gorilla of the space, ethicalDeal “will feature eco-certified products and services as well as those with a clear environmental advantage, such as car co-ops and organic-food delivery.” So far, it looks like there’s demand… 5000 subscribers and almost 60 local businesses are signed on, even as the site has yet to offer its first deal.

Of course, Krebs isn’t the only entrepreneur out there who hit upon the concept of a “green Groupon”: San Francisco-based Green Box Top launched this Summer.  In addition to focusing on eco-friendly offers, GBT also designates a non-profit of the month to which the company donates a percentage of sales.

It will be really interesting to see if these kinds of niche services not only catch on generally, but also grow beyond traditionally “green” West Coast locales… would love to see an ethicalDeal St. Louis (and, hey, that’s not so far-fetched!).

You a Groupon fan? Interested in similar services that align with your values? Let us know what you think…