The Artist's Museum

Museums seem to always be on the lookout for new ways to group and exhibit the artwork already available to them in their permanent collection. Earlier this month, MoMA opened “Abstract Expressionists New York,” with pieces “drawn entirely from the Museum’s vast holdings” – not that there’s anything wrong with that; They bought those pieces for a reason and might as well show them off. MoCA will follow suit later this week with “The Artist’s Museum.” The title of the exhibition is a bit misleading; There’s no separate museum, it’s only meant to connote that the exhibition won’t be focusing on a particular movement but on a particular group of artists, Los Angeles-based artists, of course, from 1980-2010. They leave it to you to find a common thread.

Doug Aitken on YouTube

MoCA is also especially proud of its premier of Doug Aitken’s Electric Earth (1999). (Aitken was born in Redondo Beach, but hey, close enough.) Chances are you’ve seen Electric Earth before; It’s had some serious play in its ten year life span. MoCA calls it a “hyperkinetic fable of modern life,” which is broad enough to describe the  walk-in, multi-sectional, eight-channel video installation set in an airport parking lot at night in one section and paralleled by the “noiseless rapper who sashays through an urban landscape.” Watch the video (above) and see what you make of it.