Rolex presents THE YOUNG LAUREATES: Piyush Tewari

Piyush Tewari

When Piyush Tewari was still in his twenties, he was appointed India manager of a private equity firm with hundreds of employees and millions of dollars in investments. It was a dream come true for the young man from Delhi. But when his 17-year-old cousin was hit by a car and left unattended more than 40 minutes before he died, Tewari learned that this death, like countless road fatalities in India, could have been prevented if the cousin had received rapid medical care. As Tewari investigated, he uncovered systemic deficiencies in India’s first response to accidents which have pushed the nation’s road death toll to the highest in the world. In 2008, in his free time, Tewari founded the SaveLife Foundation, whose mission is to train police officers and bystanders to give emergency care to road victims, including trauma management, CPR, and bleeding control. SaveLife has already trained 2,000 police officers, as well as hundreds of volunteers. In the coming year, the SaveLife Foundation will be strengthened by the establishment of a call center with full-time staff to locate trained emergency responders near road accidents and arrange for immediate assistance for victims.

In the short time that Tewari has been working with Indian police officers and first responders, he has grown to admire their bravery and the control they have over their emotions in time of great stress. The SaveLife Foundation’s goal is to provide training to equip them with the skills, conditions, and tools to do their job. In selecting him for the Rolex Young Laureates Programme — which funds the enterprises of visionary young men and woman whose projects take on the major issues of our time — the judges cite Tewari’s strong capacity to partner with local police and hospitals and to grow the network of first responders. In the coming year, he plans to devote more of SaveLife’s resources to policy advocacy, so he can bring about lasting and sustainable change in road safety. He is already expanding SaveLife to other Indian states, and will assist similar projects beyond India–in Pakistan, Nigeria, and Bangladesh.

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