Never before seen LIFE photos of Hells Angels

LIFE posted online a gallery of great photographs of Hells Angels that have never been previously published or publicly seen before. The pictures were snapped in 1965 by LIFE photographer Bill Ray who accompanied writer Joe Bride as they spent a few weeks with this infamous motorcycle gang. I particularly like the photo above, which is captioned:

A teen outside the Blackboard seems drawn, like a moth to a flame, by the Angels and their machines. “A lot of the Angels’ problems,” Bride wrote in the notes that he sent along to the LIFE editors in New York, “come from inquisitive local youngsters … [T]hey couldn’t get rid of those who kept hanging around.” It’s amusing to think that one of the problems might have been the Angels’ reputation for badass, trigger-finger cool taking a hit if they were seen hanging around with pipsqueaks.