Madonna pens a letter

Popnography found the above gem of a letter written by Madonna to Steven Miesel when she was filming A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN in Chicago. It’s shocking for a few reasons. The first being how old it made me feel because, OMG, I remember the olden days of handwritten notes! Now, she texts I am sure.

The letter’s a lovely time capsule, capturing the Madge we gays fell in love with in the 80s. You know the spunky, unscripted Madonna, with no English accent, who did not fancy herself a serious musician, and who was a free spirit!

She puts down Chicago, Geena Davis, and actresses all at once. And she references the House of Extravaganza! She’s somewhere recording a new album right now, methinks, and I am hoping that this Madonna, this funny, fireball of fun, returns on her next album. She’s missed.