It's time for Halloween

It’s time to start thinking about all things Halloween: costumes, candy, and haunted houses. This photo shared on Reddit of people visiting a haunted house is hysterical to me. Recently I tweeted some topical Halloween costumes.

1. Partner up with a friend and be a DOUBLE RAINBOW.
2. Wear Brooklyn hoodie with BK-centric trash attached to me = BROOKLYN TORNADO.
3. Scruffy beard, black suit jacket, blue jeans, boots, sad expression all night = SAD KEANU REEVES.
4. Find three friends = HUMAN CENTIPEDE.
5. Cat outfit, Rays baseball jersey & hat, DJ set = DJ CAT.
6. Dress as Insane Clown Posse in white sweat suit. Ask everyone all night, “FUCKING [insert item], HOW DO THEY WORK?” (Reference)
7. (At parties w/ hip BK bloggers only): Drink from tumbler glass & snap gratuitous photos of yourself all night = TUMBLR.
8. bedsheet with plastic bugs glued to it = BEDBUG EPIDEMIC OBVI.