Halloween treats for conscious trick-or-treaters

Kids all over are looking forward to trick-or-treating or Halloween parties this coming Sunday: dress up in a cool costume, get lots of candy… what could be better? If you’re a parent raising your child on a organic, vegan, kosher, or otherwise specialized diet, Halloween can be hell, though… not only do you need to check candy for tampering, but also for meeting the dietary guidelines you’ve established for your children.

Vegan John Zornow realized that kids raised with non-traditional diets may ultimately end up feeling excluded at Halloween… and so he decided to do something about it. He created No Trick Treats, a website that allows parents to find the homes in their neighborhood that have taken their food preferences into account.

A Google maps mashup, No Trick Treats allows a parent to choose particular dietary specifications (organic, raw, vegan, kosher, and others), and see where the treats being offered meet these specifications. Of course, it also depends on those offering more conscious choices to add their information (which is easy to do). It also offers links to specialty vegan, organic, and kosher candy vendors online.

Definitely a niche service, but plenty of parents really aren’t interested in their kids loading up on the typical mass produced fare… even as their kids really want to put on their costumes and hit the neighborhood.

Know of other ways to screen for treats that meet your family’s values?  Let us know about them…


  • Keep your eye out for vampires… the energy-sucking kind.
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Image credit: abbybatchelder at Flickr under a Creative Commons license