Half Hour of Kanye

I hope you have some time on your lunch break today because Kanye West’s “Runaway” single is live on Vivo. In typical Hollywood fashion, he emerges from being the most hated musician in the world to the most inventive. We love a comeback.

Taking a page from Gaga, Kanye gets all weird and arty in this mini-movie. Mashable wrote:

All excesses considered, Kanye West’s 35-minute hip hop film Runaway is a bold work of art only possible in the age of the web, and an effective comeback for a disgraced performer who has effectively manipulated media new and old to present himself as a sympathetic and passionate heart despite all his failings. Whether he actually is or isn’t seems beside the point by the time it’s over.

There’s no shortage of weird to be found in the video, which strings together remixed versions of several of the songs from his upcoming album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and sets them as a soundtrack to a Aristotelian poetics-educated narrative that leverages elaborate costume design, careful direction and dance numbers.

It’s pretty sweet and weird and worthy of your time.