Purdue University archives Gulf oil spill video

The BP oil spill’s over right? Nothing more to see here… That certainly seems to be the mainstream narrative regarding one of the US’ largest environmental disasters (even as new reports of large oil slicks reappear). But while the well is capped, the Gulf of Mexico region will be feeling the effects of this disaster for years… and scientists and engineers will be studying the spill to see what went wrong.

The latter motivation underlies a new web site from Purdue University. Oilspillhub.org is designed as a resource for those studying the spill, and currently provides 414 videos recorded by various underwater cameras during the event.

Developers at Purdue plan much more than video from the wellhead, though. Based on the University’s Hubzero platform for creating sites for scientific research and educational activities, Oilspillhub will also eventually include “modeling tools, presentations and computational support related to the spill.”

Yep, the well’s capped… but we’ve still got much to learn on long-term impacts of the spill, as well as how to prevent future disasters. This looks like it will be an incredibly useful resource not just for researchers and applied scientists, but also for any of us wanting to better understand what happened in the Gulf.

via BoilerStation.com


Image credit: Purdue University