Green tech finds (10/28/10)

Electricity from beer, DIY electric bikes, and purple wind turbines… it’s green tech finds time!

  • Beer power: Suffolk, UK’s Adnam’s Brewery will be contributing waste to an anaerobic digestion plant which will create enough power for 235 homes in the area. (via Green Upgrader)

  • Florida utility offers solar hot water option: Lakeland Electric became the first utility company in the country to offer fixed-rate solar hot water service this week. (via The Ledger)

  • Nokia still on top: According to the latest edition of Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics, the Finnish company still leads the pack in terms of environmental responsibility. (via the Wall Street Journal)

  • Purple wind turbines: Why do wind turbines sometimes kill birds and bats? Could be the color… white and grey tend to attract insects, which, in turn, attract their predators. UK researchers think purple might be the safest color for wildlife

  • The eco-app for teens: Want to get teens thinking green? Give ‘em a phone app… that’s the thinking behind AT&T’s new Eco App, which points users to the nearest recycling centers, provides regular green living tips, and even offers easy means to donate to the National Arbor Day Foundation. (via GreenTech Pastures)

  • The deets on the e-bike: Spencer Pangborn at CNET Asia breaks down an electric bike conversion kit made by Taipei’s Forsen Motor Company.

  • Solar heat for cold climates: Soltech Energy’s glass roofing tiles use passive solar energy and thermal imbalance to capture heat even in cold climates (and they’ve got cred here… the system was developed in Sweden). (via Calfinder’s Residential Solar blog)

  • The electric food truck: The Ladle of Love bills itself as New York City’s most environmentally-friendly food truck. Now it just needs a place to recharge overnight…

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Image credit: poida.smith at Flickr under a Creative Commons license