Green tech finds (10/21/10)

Hybrid CFLs, more convenient e-waste recycling, and Steven Chu on Youtube… this week’s green tech finds.

  • Floating wind turbines pay off: A new study from Energy Technologies Institute finds that floating offshore wind turbines are both technically and economically feasible because of stronger, more consistent winds.  (via Cleantechnica)

  • Grades are out on electronics takeback…: And while no one’d doing a stellar job, Dell, Asus, and Samsung received the highest marks from the Electronic Takeback Coalition in their new Recycling Report Card. (via Mother Jones’ Blue Marble)

  • No more idling for cruise ships: That’s the idea behind San Francisco’s new technology that allows docked cruise ships to connect to the city’s power grid (rather than running the engines). (via NBC Bay Area)

  • Build your EcoCrib: King County, Washington has not only launched an ENERGY STAR@Home-type tool for green remodeling ideas, but now has launched a web video series, “EcoCribz,” dedicated to showing off green remodels in the area.

  • Easier e-waste recycling: ecollective is a new initiative by recycler ECS Refining to make recycling of old electronics more convenient. They’ve established 100 drop-off points in California, and are aiming for “…an electronics or technology recycling drop-off point within 10 miles of most U.S. households.” (via GreenTech Pastures)

  • Big green tech ideas: Newsweek‘s “10 Big Green Ideas” includes some innovative technology, including “concrete” made from CO2, mining landfills, and LED lighting.

  • Steven Chu comes to YouTube: Secretary of Energy Steven Chu recently promoted energy efficiency (including his own efforts at home), and answered citizen questions, in a Youtube video. (via NYT Green)

  • The hybrid CFL: Responding to some consumer hang-ups about traditional compact fluorescent light bulbs, GE’s new hybrid halogen-CFL claims much longer life than an incandescent bulb, and a bit less mercury than the standard CFL.

We always love to hear about your finds… if you found something cool in the green tech space this week, tell us about it!


Image credit: Lars Christopher at Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons license