Kids embrace green design and invention

Green innovation from a major manufacturer or established design house? Hardly news these days, right… everyone in the research and development space seems to be thinking about environmental impact. But the 18 and under demographic is getting in on the fun… and coming up with some intriguing ideas. A couple of items passed through the RSS reader this week that demonstrate kids thinking green… not just in terms of getting the family to recycle, but in the context of creating solutions to challenges both children and adults face.

Design Squad Announces Trash to Treasure Winners

What did your kids do this summer? If they participated in Design Squad’s Trash to Treasure competition, they dedicated at least a portion of their time off “recycling, reusing, and re-engineering everyday materials to create the next great green invention.” Three winners were recently chosen, and spent the Columbus Day weekend in Boston with designers at Continuum building their inventions. The winning ideas: a DIY dual-flush toilet, an all-weather bike, and a low-water dunk tank (hey, they’re kids!). Take a closer look at these concepts in the video above.

Organic Pain-Free Bandage Removal

Hated getting a bandage pulled off as a kid (or still hate it)?  So does Alanna Meyers, an eight-year-old from Tarpon Springs, Florida. This third grader, however, decided to do something about it: after experimenting with a variety of ingredients in the family bathroom, she came up with a pain-free bandage removal formula. Her parents helped her locate an organic laboratory which developed an all-organic version of Alanna’s product, and it’s already winning rave reviews from her classmates… and their parents.

Good design certainly requires knowledge… but also imagination, which kids have in spades. Know of other products or concepts developed by someone who hasn’t yet graduated from high school? Let us know about it…


Image credit: Organic Pain Free Bandage Remover