Global Fast Food begs: WTF?

McDonald’s Mega Tomago in Japan: Double Big Mac with an egg patty and bacon

At a restaurant last week I was seated next to a table of four young Japanese girls who, upon receiving their entrees, each whipped out a camera and began snapping pictures of their food; They then compared shots with one another for a solid three minutes before digging in. My first thought was WTF? But my dining companion pointed at that maybe they were aghast at the sight of our large, American portions.

I was willing to chalk it up to tourism until I saw Buzzfeed’s recent exposé on fast food from around the world. Not only are the portions just as big in other countries, but McDonald’s global menu is completely insane. If I ordered The Nacho Whopper, for example, at Burger King in the Netherlands, I’d definitely be taking pictures. Equally astonishing is McDonald’s Canadian McLobster Roll, their German Das Nürnburger, their French fried Camembert Nuggets or Pizza Hut’s retch-inducing Golden Fortune, a cheese-infused pizza topped with shrimp, fish, crab sticks, and pineapple. Be sure to check out the slideshow and give yourself a pat on the back for simply refraining.