Farm Aid short film delivers "A Message from Earth" on organic cotton

This past weekend, Farm Aid celebrated its 25th anniversary with its annual concert… this time in Milwaukee. The brainchild of Neil Young, Willie Nelson, and John Mellencamp, Farm Aid’s mission has always focused on the plight of the family farmer in the United States; in recent years, the organization has also added a healthy dose of sustainability to its message. Some might be tempted to accuse the organization of jumping on the green bandwagon, but Farm Aid recognizes that family farmers are well-positioned to meet the growing demand for safer, healthier, and more environmentally benign agricultural products.

This overlap between environmental and economic benefits for consumers and farmers was highlighted in a short film produced by Anvil Knitwear, a concert sponsor, and the maker of the official Farm Aid 2010 t-shirt. Titled “Message from Earth: Organic Matters,” the short (available above) educated concert attendees on the massive environmental, social, and health impacts of conventional cotton farming… and the potential ecological and economic good created by demand for organic cotton.

Conventionally-grown cotton is one of the most harmful crops on the planet… and the alternatives are “green” in terms of the environmental and financial opportunities. That’s worth celebrating…

And, yeah, there was also music at the concert… if you’d kept reading, enjoy some of it: