David Lynch's AFI Fest

David Lynch is one the most imaginative and influential filmmakers of our day, and with a roster of films and TV series like TWIN PEAKS, BLUE VELVET and MULHOLLAND DR., it’s hard to imagine that he ever doubted his abilities, but back when Lynch was 22-years-old he was less than certain. “I was living in Philadelphia, and I didn’t see the brightest future for myself. I applied for an independent filmmaker grant in 1968, and I won that, and it changed my life.”

Now that Lynch has been made AFI’s first ever guest artistic director, he has a chance to give back. “AFI is a very, very important institution. I love supporting it.” For the upcoming AFI Fest 2010, Lynch selected five films for a special sidebar screening that includes Ingmar Bergman’s HOUR OF THE WOLF, Stanley Kubrick’s LOLITA, Jacques Tati’s MON ONCLE, Alfred Hitchcock’s REAR WINDOW and Billy Wilder’s SUNSET BOULEVARD.

“Those films I just love,” he said. “I loved being in that world. You know, a lot of cinema is a sense of place, to create a world. Billy Wilder was just a master at that, as were the directors of the other films I picked.” Lynch will appear on Nov. 6 for the double billing of SUNSET BOULEVARD and ERASERHEAD. “I always say a film festival is more than a chance to see films; it’s a celebration of film,” Lynch said. “There’s always surprises that get people going. It’s real exciting.” We couldn’t agree more.

AFI Fest 2010 runs from November 4-11, 2010.