Bed Intruder costume

A few weeks ago we fondly wrote about the Know Your Meme podcast, and specifically highlighted their coverage of the loveable Antoine Dodson of “Bed Intruder” fame. Well, now he’s got what he (at least) is calling the # 1 Halloween get-up of 2010: The official Bed Intruder Costume! And good for him — why shouldn’t he make a buck off the joy he’s given to million of viral video heads?  Check out his YouTube video hawking the product — how can you not love this guy? It’s a vast improvement over the “sassy” Sesame Street outfits (though we must admit a Katy Perry ensemble with an Elmo doll could be pretty funny.)  Mental Floss has a good list of other Internet meme costumes (the Firefox idea is totally cool, though that posture could get a little uncomfortable after a while). Our favorite couples costume idea we’ve found so far is YourTango’s Double Rainbow suggestion. So many good ideas this year, what to be? What to be!