Yazoo Reconnected

Vince Clarke‘s record label sent me the new Yazoo cd, Reconnected, last week. Clarke, the iconic songsmith of Depeche Mode, Yaz, and Erasure, has been featured here on SUNfiltered before. When he and partner Alison Moyet reformed Yaz/Yazoo in 2008 for a world tour it was as if the gay gods had answered many a prayer.

Not knowing what to expect, the two synth-pop superstars put on one of the most fun and musically tight shows I’d ever seen. With minimal stage distractions Clarke’s synth sounds took center stage. And Moyet’s voice, deeper and throatier than her early 80s’ growl, literally shook the room. She danced. Vince keyed and twitted his knobs. And the room went nuts.

Thankfully the folks at Mute Records were smart enough to record the magic. The two cd set captures the magic of those shows perfectly. They’ll also make you long for another reunion of these two synth-pop titans.