Vinyl from the grave

Gays have always had a thing for records. Perhaps this goes back to the disco era I guess when gays escaped into clubs to dance to black women screaming to electro-beats. Gays, too, have always been more likely to embrace dj-culture. We like dance music. We like dancing. Rock’s always been a bit too machismo for some of us.

Most of my friends, myself included, have a vinyl collection. I rarely listen to them, but I like to hold on to them as reminders of a golden past. They’re relics of my history.

Now that many of those queens who danced the night away are entering their golden years, one company is looking to cash in on their impending doom. In news that could be the strangest I’ve heard in sometime, Death to Vinyl Records will press your ashes into custom vinyl records. Yes. You heard me right.

You die. You get cremated. And you become a collectable vinyl record to give to your 30 best friends. All this for about $6,000. Nuts!

But having a record to pull out and play sure beats holding onto a creepy urn any day.