Take Ivy finally available!

Until quite recently, very few people knew about “Take Ivy,” a discontinued fashion book of photos published in 1965 with a cult following. I had actually blogged about it a couple years ago when a friend mentioned it. I explained then, “In the late 1960s Japanese photographer Hayashida visited our Ivy League universities and documented the students. The brilliantly preppy result was printed in a simple, now rare, book “Take Ivy.” A copy…sold on eBay for over $1400.”

Since then, this book spread virally across the fashion and culture blogosphere, and the mainstream press jumped on the bandwagon as well. Due to its resurgent demand, Take Ivy was re-published and it finally became available this week.

Racked tracked down and interviewed one of the students in the book: Ed Heald, then a freshman at Dartmouth, who can be seen on pages 54 and 70.