Secret Richard Serra sculpture in the Bronx

As a huge fan of Richard Serra’s installations, I found this recent New York Times article interesting: Hidden away in a crane yard in South Bronx are one and a half story high steel pieces of an unfinished Richard Serra sculpture.

Whether art or art-to-be, it is striking just the same. Seen from the lot next door, it is a rusty mirage, an amber curve that overshadows a nearby crane truck and stands next to a corrugated tin shed of similar size if not sensuality. When the sun hits the delicate outer slope, it shimmers. In place of the usual curatorial card that might provide some insight as to the material or inspiration behind the work, there is a sign saying, “No Trespassing, No Dumping.”

Told of the unlikely exhibition, Eric Stark, curator of the New School Art Collection, made the pilgrimage one recent morning to see for himself. “Wow,” he said, walking up to the fence. “If you’ve seen enough of these ellipses, it just screams out that this is a Richard Serra.”

Lets organize a rescue of this beautiful baby! If you’re in New York City, I highly recommend the day trip up to the Dia: Beacon to see Serra’s sculptures (photo recap of my trip there here).