Reused t-shirt entrepreneur goes on tour

If you’re looking for green t-shirts, you’ve got lots of choices: organic cotton, recycled materials, or even bamboo and hemp. To my knowledge, though, Alex Eaves’ Stay Vocal is the only company out there selling reused t-shirts. That’s right… buy one of his products, and it may be a shirt someone’s worn before… though it’s just as likely to be a shirt that a vendor would’ve have otherwise tossed if Stay Vocal hadn’t purchased it. The company puts its own marks on these shirts through a variety of means: patches that go over existing printing, printing on top of printing, or even turning the shirt inside out and adding design.

It’s an unusual business model… and one that’s caught the eye of members of green business trade group Green America. GA’s members have put Stay Vocal in the running for its People’s Choice Green Business of the Year award. To promote the nomination, Alex has chosen an unusual approach: he’s going on tour with singer/songwriter Dandelion Snow.

This actually isn’t that unusual for Eaves… his various jobs with a number of bands over the years brought him to the t-shirt business in the first place. The combination of a green entrepreneur and musician may be, though, and both Eaves and Snow will play equal roles in the “Reuse and Schmooze” tour gigs: Eaves will discuss “…his history of touring with bands, how he came to start a certified green reuse apparel brand, and how much of a role reusing plays in his life,” and then Snow will perform.

The tour starts on Thursday at Cinnaholic in Berkeley, and hits coffee shops across the country for the next two weeks. If you get a chance to check out one of the shows, let us know about it. And if you’re inspired by Eaves’ work, consider giving Stay Vocal a vote for Green America’s award.