Organic coffee shop funds fair trade… and missionary work

When you hear the phrase “mission-driven business,” you likely think of a company dedicated exclusively to using commerce to address social and environmental problems. That’s definitely the case with A Cup of Organic, a coffee company and cafe based outside of Tampa, Florida. But the owners of this company take the word “mission” much more literally, too: all devout Christians, they devote a portion of their profits to funding missionary work.

So far, the small company founded earlier this year has contributed funds for missionary trips to Haiti, Kenya, and the Ukraine. And while “spreading the word” is a major focus of the business, A Cup of Organic also puts a high priority on social justice issues. Co-owners Doug and Juan Torres are Honduran natives, and come from a family of coffee growers. They’ve seen the ups and downs of the business from the farming side, so the company also has a “fair trade” component:

A Cup of Organic is a leader in an attempt to provide to farmers the compensation that has been denied them for years. We have helped and encouraged the farmers to process, roast, and package their own coffee in order to bring true social, economic and environmental sustainability to their communities.

An unusual model? It strikes me that way, but I’m not really up on the faith-based business community… if you know of other businesses combining their faith with social and environmental justice missions, I’d love to hear about them. And if you’d like to try one of A Cup of Organic’s coffees, you don’t have to travel to Florida… their coffee is also for sale on their website.

via Tampa Bay Online


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