The oil spill's over… right?

Heard much about the BP oil spill lately? Nope, me either… once the oil stopped spewing, the news also seemed to dry up.  Time to move on, right… after all, there are crazy pastors in Florida to interview.

Not so fast. On Monday, New Orleans’ WWLTV reported on a story you might think would get some national coverage: a fish kill in a shipping channel near Venice, Louisiana, that is so large that it looks a bit like a gravel road (see the video above, as well as a couple of photos). A dead whale was mixed in with the corpses of “crabs, sting rays, eels, drum, speckled trout and red fish.”

Is the kill definitely related to the oil spill? It could be related to the long-standing dead zone in the Gulf. But, as Plaquemines Parish president Billy Nungesser notes, this doesn’t look like kills normally related to the dead zone… and we may never know, because, at this point, no one’s testing the dead animals.

I can’t draw any definitive conclusions here… don’t have the scientific background to do so. But I can say that, if musician and activist Drew Landry hadn’t shared this story on Facebook, I’d likely have never heard it.

Know of other stories from the Gulf region that still need telling? Give us a heads up… it’s important that they don’t get lost in the push to “move on…”