National school lunch program comes to the big screen

LUNCH: THE FILM may sound like a spoof of some kind, but filmmaker Avis Gold Richards, and her team at Birds Nest Productions couldn’t be more serious about their exploration of the National School Lunch Program, and its potential connections to childhood obesity, and the illnesses related to it.

The result of a year-long research project, this documentary short pulls together interviews with “medical doctors, teachers, chefs, school directors, food producers, volunteers, and others from various walks of life” to explore the “hamburger hegemony” of the typical school lunch, as well as healthier (and greener) alternatives to pizza-French fry-chicken nugget trifecta … that kids will actually eat.

A “healthy” school lunch…

In the process of researching LUNCH, Richards came across some pretty eye-opening statistics, including

  • The elementary school lunches average 821 calories per lunch.
  • 80% of schools do not meet the USDA standards for fat composition.
  • Children who consume school lunches are about 2% more likely to be obese than those who brown bag their lunches.

Aimed at parents, school administrators, and policy makers, LUNCH is currently making the film festival rounds… including the Strasbourg International Film Festival, the International Film Festival South Africa, and the LA Femme Film Festival. If you get a chance to see it, let us know what you think…

via the Wall Street Journal