Military meals from around the world

There are currently 48 different countries with troops in Afghanistan and each country adds their own unique flavor to the combat meals that are served to their troops.

Some include branded comfort foods — Australians get a dark-brown spreadable yeast-paste treat called Vegemite, for example — while others get national staples like liverwurst (Germany), or lamb curry (Britain’s current culinary obsession).

Some of the contents are practical. Italians get three disposable toothbrushes per day of combat. Americans get pound cake, which military folklore says reduces the need for toilet breaks.

Accompanying this article, the New York Times also published an interesting photo gallery of these meals or what Americans call “M.R.E.’s” (Meals Ready to Eat). South Korean troops receive the ration pictured above. Their meal consists of sauteed kimchi (kimchi is a Korean staple), ham fried rice, flavored sausage, white beans and sauce, almond cake, and chocolates.

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