Liza's back

Bless the gay heavens as Liza Minnelli is back with a new album! Her hilarious cover of “Single Ladies” in this summer’s SEX AND THE CITY 2 was just enough to get us jonesing for a bit of a comeback. And this week Lady M delivers with a new album of covers.

While she could have done a covers album featuring contemporary pop songs, like Beyonce, she decided to go a safer route. And that’s probably a good thing. Camp and tragedy often times straddle a very thin line. What she has produced is a lovely, stripped-down version of some classics.

Confessions is just that. She’s confessing her love for another era of music. When piano bars and torch songs packed smoke filled rooms. She’s also confessing that she’s no longer in perfect health. That her voice is failing and fragile at times.

But it is these moments, where the strength of her voice pushes to its limits, that Minnelli proves her worth. You can almost see her smiling. The frailty gives new meaning to these songs. More depth than they would have received it pitch perfect. “At Last” and “All the Way” are reinvented here.

She’s a fighter. And a showgirl. And we love her for that.