Hurts so good

Hurts is the band that is taking Europe by storm and you’ve probably never heard of them. In traditional music industry fashion, we here in the US are kept out of the loop of emerging bands. Don’t worry, Hurts will eventually get here, since they’re conquering the rest of the world. The album Happiness is this year’s best.

The Manchester duo is pure electronic pop heaven. They’re carrying the torch of the 80s electro duos -OMD, Pest Shop Boys, Erasure, Tears for Fears- and they’re doing it quite well. If Gaga blew up to become the new Madonna last year, Hurts could easily become the new Depeche Mode.

They’ve got the tailored suits, porcelain skin, and lack of smiles needed to pull off art-house pop. And they’re channeling the 80s hardcore as evidenced in the video above which recalls Less Than Zero and A-ha! in equal measure.  Track down the album as it’s glorious. Who knows if they’re gay or not. You never can tell with these bands. But they do have Kylie Minogue making a cameo and they’re opening up for the Scissor Sisters, so maybe that’s a hint?

Make sure you check out the first video for “Wonderful Life” too. Not as slick as the one above, it seems more genuine. I love that the douchebags at the label even replaced the dancing girl with a skinnier one in the new video. Because, you know, that will sell more records.