Green tech finds (9/2/10)

Lots of energy news and ideas this week, as well as another big green crowdsourcing project, and reviving wetlands with sewage… your green tech finds.

  • Another cell phone sustainability study: Market research firm IDC came up with quite different results on cell phone sustainability from O2… but focused on companies vs. phones themselves. Apple comes out on top in this one, followed by LG and Nokia. (via The Boston Globe)

  • Harnessing gravity power: Gravitational Energy Corporation claims its Feltenberger Pendulum works through hand-power and gravity. The company’s first product, a water pump, could prove indispensable for areas of the developing world, as well as post-disaster relief. See how it’s working in Haiti in the video above…

  • Reviving wetlands with sewage: That’s what they’re going to try in Bayou Bienvenue near New Orleans’ Ninth Ward — by pumping “semi-treated wastewater and biosolids—the brown gooey stuff left after sewage is drained” — into the degraded wetland.  According to National Geographic, “It’s hoped that the nutrient-rich freshwater effluent and soil-like biosolids will be enough to bring back a thriving cypress-tupelo ecosystem.” (via Treehugger)

  • Sony gets in on “green crowdsourcing”: Not to be outdone by GE’s ecomagination Challenge, Sony, WWF, and IDEO have launched Open Planet Ideas, a web space for users to contribute “original ideas and applications for the smart new use of existing technologies” to fight big environmental threats. Downside to this one: no $200 million in prizes for winning ideas. (via Fast Company)

  • Greenpeace vs. Facebook: the venerable activist organization has been pushing the 800-lb gorilla of social media to reconsider its plans for a massive new data center that would run strictly off of Pacific Power’s coal-heavy energy mix. (via GreenTech Pastures)

  • Another push for thorium: Discussions of thorium as an alternative nuclear power material have popped up pretty regularly in energy discussions. The UK Telegraph‘s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard makes another pitch for it, calling for a “Manhattan Project”…

  • Electric buses on route in LA: According to, “Three fully-electric buses are now operating on routes in eastern Los Angeles county.” (via Matter Network)

  • Lightning panels? Apparently researchers in Brazil are playing with such a concept, thinking energy from lightning could be harvested in high humidity climates. (via Calfinder’s Residential Solar Blog)

If you found something we didn’t, let us know… bring it up in the comments.