Green tech finds (9/16/10)

Sell your e-waste, build your own e-bike, and get your Fritos from electric vehicles… your green tech finds for the week.

  • Green tech patent information goes online: The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) launched its IPC Green Inventory today, which consolidates information on patents and patent applications involving “environmentally sound technology” into one database. (via eGov Monitor)

  • Middle Eastern mud buildings: Arwa Aburawa at Green Prophet takes note of some of the phenomenal (and sustainable) mud buildings in the Middle East (like the one above).

  • Energy efficient apps: Sure, operating systems have power control options, but many applications don’t play well with them. Microsoft would like to see that change… and is asking developers to think about power management during the development process.

  • Online e-waste recycling: New online service offers a platform for individuals and businesses to sell electronic waste for recycling.

  • The DIY electric bike: Shimano has just introduced its STEPS kit, which includes all of the equipment necessary to convert a regular bicycle into an e-bike. (via Springwise)

  • Solar storage for homes and businesses: California’s Public Utilities Commission has awarded grants to two companies to research the feasibility of battery storage of solar power on a (relatively) large scale.

  • Fritos delivered by EV: Frito-Lay will start delivering its products with five electric vehicles in New York this month, laying the groundwork for a projected 150 all-electric delivery vehicles next year. (via Triplepundit and Environmental Leader)

  • Solar panels for low-income housing: California’s Solar Initiative will fund a San Diego project to install solar panels on a low-income apartment complex in the city’s East Village. (via Calfinder’s Residential Solar Blog)

Any green tech stories catch your eye this week? Tell us about them in the comments…


Image credit: a hundred visions and revisions at Flickr under a Creative Commons license