Connecticut teen promotes green driving to peers

While teenagers are less likely than ever to get a drivers license, there are still millions of sixteen and seventeen-year-olds that want to get behind the wheel. When they do, issues like fuel efficiency generally aren’t always at the top of their priority list…

Several states have bantered around the idea of requiring eco-driving lessons as a part of drivers’ education; new teenage driver Katherine Schultz, however, decided to tackle this issue herself. Late last year, with the help of family and friends, Schultz produced a video (above) for new teenage drivers on green driving tips… from keeping the engine tuned up, to driving the speed limit, to buying fuel-efficient vehicles. According to the EPA’s Greenversations blog,

The video was done with the support and guidance of the State of Connecticut’s Department of Motor Vehicles. She has reached out to driver education schools in Connecticut and offered them a free DVD of the video if they commit to using it with their students. Katherine has even been getting involved with promoting the green driver message in Connecticut state politics with her State Representative.

While experienced eco-drivers may find these tips old news, Schultz does a very nice job of tying in the environmental and economic benefits of green driving… so teenagers who are buying their own gas may take notice even if they’re not particularly concerned about the impact of their driving on carbon emissions and air pollution.

Impressed by this young woman’s resourceful approach to educating her fellow teen drivers? I know I am…