Goggles Project: Canadian universities get short course in "Rethink 101"

North American universities have become hubs for everything from recycling competitions to renewable energy installations, so you’d have good reason to believe that our higher educational institutions are leading the way towards a more sustainable future.

Dr. Tarah Wright, Associate Professor of Environmental Science at Dalhousie University agrees that “Canadian universities have begun to factor sustainability into their decisions, operations and programs,” but thinks there’s still a long ways to go… and so she’s co-founded the Goggles Project, a touring street theatre troupe that’s making the rounds of Canadian universities to challenge students (as well as faculty and staff) to rethink the relationship between their schools and the natural environment.

The troupe “teaches” Rethink 101 at its stops, which involves pushing audiences to think not only about how colleges and universities might become “greener,” but also to consider how these institutions “may have contributed to unsustainable behavior in the past.” Their tour started last week at Nova Scotia Community College; for the next few weeks, they’ll trek across the country giving their “lecture”… and, presumably, making a lot of goggles  (see the video above).

Want to keep an eye on the Goggles Project’s progress? They’re keeping a blog, and sending out tweets. They’re also hosting an ongoing short video competition.

If you’ve seen one of their performances, let us know what you thought… get any new “insight” into campus sustainability?


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