Bill Maher for President

On Facebook this week, during you know, the times the site was not down, I wrote the status update “Bill Maher should be president.” I don’t think I’d ever gotten as many “likes” as I did with this post. It got me thinking about Maher. He’s in the group of comedians turned political voices, that includes the intentional comics (Colbert, Stewart) and the unintentional comics (Beck, Coulter). But he’s better than them. He’s never acting. He just tells it like it is.

His honesty and lack of showmanship is welcome in this day of manufactured politicians and pandering pundits. He’s also intelligent, which seems to be a negative at the polls these days.

His show has returned to HBO and thankfully so. In an odd twist of fate he’s now got a season’s worth of material. Delaware’s senate GOP candidate Christine O’Donnell, during her younger anti-masturbation and witchcraft days, appeared on Maher’s Politically Incorrect during the 1990s. He’s got 22 episodes of her ridiculous comments. And he’s basically threatened her with releasing them, week after week, until she appears on Real Time. Hopefully, she does not give in. I need to see all 22 clips in their glory.