Yakuza video game reviewed by three real-life yakuza gang bosses

This is one of my favorite things I’ve read lately. Using his contacts that he cultivated as a “fearless-to-a-fault Jewish-American reporter who spent 12 years as a crime beat reporter in Japan”, Jake Adelstein on behalf of Boing Boing convinced three high-ranking Japanese gangster bosses (“Two of the three are missing their pinkies — in the old days, when a yakuza or his subordinates screwed up, they chopped off pinkies as an act of atonement”) to play and review “Yakuza 3,” the latest in a popular video game series about a former yakuza boss and gang enforcer forced to fight again to protect an orphanage he opened. These real-life yakuza bosses were asked to compare the game against reality.

M: What’s the deal with Kiryu’s scarlet red shirt? He’s supposed to be a former boss of the Inagawakai–and he dresses like a chinpira (low level yakuza punk). He’s a yakuza, not a host.
S: Except for Kiryu’s crappy shirt, it’s realistic. The top executive yakuza are all wearing good suits. They look like businessmen. The cabaret girls have incredible outfits.The hosts in the game are dressed like hosts. Somebody did his homework.