Virgin dating site leaves us speechless… almost

Browsing the dating site left us temporarily speechless, and then clutching for the right words to express our… awe? The top five things that boggled our minds:

  1. For grammar nerds who are bothered by the site’s name, the very first sentence at the top of the entire site helpfully explains, “YouAndMeArePure is NOT a sentence just in case you are checking for grammar. It is rather the name of our website. The name was carefully crafted from the beginning to express that we value both, people entering in relationships and virginity.” Okay then, that totally clears things up for us. Thanks!

  2. The tag-lines at the top of the page declare “Convenient way to find virgin people” and “No need to wander around to find them.” We searched everywhere on the site to see if either (a) the company is foreign-based and they use Babelfish to translate these uber-creepy calls to action or (b) this is one big hoax. But neither seems to be the case (though please do enlighten us if you know otherwise!). Which can only lead us to assume that these tag-lines are not so creepy to actual virgins?

  3. The gift store sells actual literal credit-card-sized V-cards “to represent the value of your purity.” Oh, and in case you were wondering, the store policy: “Sales are final. No returns. No refunds.” Could they really be serious? Do they have more of a sense of humor than we give them credit for? Or have they really experienced a glut of former virgins attempting to get a refund on their V-cards?

  4. We understand the desire to date and eventually marry someone who shares your values, but surely there’s a better way to do this? Christian dating sites (etc.) abound on the Internet. Whereas connecting with someone via “The Friendly Place for Virgins to Meet” — how could the two of you possibly think about anything besides virginity (and, therefore, sex) when you meet? Sure, we get that abstinence can be a value in and of itself, but this site reminds us of that old trope, “Don’t think about elephants!”

  5. Screwed up but want to start over? Then you can check out their sister site, the (oddly grammatically correct, in this case) The banner ad for this site asks “You are not a virgin but are abstaining?” Perhaps this site was launched to discourage “secondary virgins” from gate-crashing the virgin party? All we know is that apparently, having sex — even if you come to regret it — improves your grammar skills.



photo by Rafael Acorsi