The Windowfarms Project

The Gourmet Kit – for serious window farmers only

Farmers markets may be in full bloom now, but in only a few months we’ll be back to buying our fruits and vegetables from the regular market, and if you’ve eaten a tomato from a regular market recently you know how hard this switch can be. In addition to the carbon footprint a tomato from Australia carries, think about how much flavor and nutritional value it loses during shipment. But what if you could grow your own vegetables in your window all winter long? I’m not talking about a couple of pots of basil, but up to 25 different varieties of vegetables. All you need is a window.

This is the concept behind The WindowFarms Project, a “vertical, hydroponic, modular, low-energy, high-yield edible window garden built using low-impact or recycled local materials.” If that sounds complicated, it’s not. It’s basically a string of plastic bottles that hangs above your window frame. Hydroponic means no soil, so there’s not even any dirt involved. And once you set it up it takes about 5 minutes a day to maintain. Best of all, everything you need comes to you in a ready-made kit that someone will even come to your apartment to install if you don’t feel up to it. There are 4 kits available depending on your level of intensity, from the basic 2-column Core Kit to the 4-column Gourmet. Order your kit now and receive it in November, just about when you’ll be craving some fresh, home-grown produce.