The St. Louis Arch gets a makeover

St. Louis, Missouri is famous for its Arch, and while the monument attracts a million tourists a year, the city wants more. More out of the Arch, that is. The structure itself is great, but it “adds little vitality to the city’s downtown” area. If we’ve learned anything over the last few years it’s that a new public space mean one thing: a competition to design it. The city has selected 5 teams, each composed of architect, urban planners, landscape designers and the like. Each team has its own distinct vision, with proposals that include ideas like a sky-way gondola to carry visitors access the river and a new wetland created with recirculated stormwater. Most of the designs play with the Arch’s shape with sweeping arches of grassy pathways and undulating arched canopies. But pictures speak louder than words. See all 5 design proposals at the competition website. The winner will be announced September 24, 2010.