The Impossible Project

When Polaroid stopped production on their traditional line of cameras and film a few years back, die hard fans of the brand scrambled to get their hands on the last remaining packs of film from eBay and the like. But once those packs were used up or worse, expired, thousands of perfectly fine Polaroid cameras became obsolete, doomed to a dust-collecting fate on some out-of-reach shelf. (You can still buy expired film on Ebay, but for exorbitant prices, and no one can vouch for the quality of photos you’ll get.)  In the meantime, the folks behind The Impossible Project were busy working to develop their own brand of instant film.

When Impossible started development of a new color instant film material in the former Polaroid factory in Enschede (NL), even the most optimistic integral film experts doubted that the re-invention of the highly complex instant color system was possible. But supported by the outstanding team from Inoviscoat, Germany, the Impossible wizards made the Impossible possible and invented a complete new color system in just one year. As an impossible result we are now proud to present our first meteoric product in our new and rapidly expanding Impossible Color Shade universe: PX 70 COLOR SHADE FF.”

So dust off your instant buddy, pick up a pack and start shooting again. The Impossible website also has lots of helpful how-to’s, like how to build and use a shield to protect your sensitive film from light when it gets ejected from the camera. There are also a few other film stocks to choose from, like the PX 600 Film Version, made with Silver Shade Film, an experimental material that produces changing results depending on light and temperature.

An example of Color Shade

An example of Silver Shade