Target Ain't People

By now you’ve heard, over and over again, about Target and Best Buy donating money to an anti-gay Republican candidate in Minnesota’s governor’s race. They’ve taken a lot of heat, yet have not backed down from their decision.

Now this has gotten the gays angry. For years now Target had created a discount chain shopping experience we could stomach. While I’d never step foot in a WalMart, Target I could. Their ads were design savvy. Their prescription casings are beautiful. And they’ve partnered with a myriad of high-end designers like Michael Graves and Isaac Mizrahi.  They seemed to be the most gay friendly place to shop in mainstream America.

Not quite. While I don’t want to waste space here on political discussions (I much more like writing about senseless pop) I cannot let the above video go unwatched: a performance art protest set to the tune of a classic Depeche Mode record. Via Move On.