Pag: The Lady Is Dead

The above video directed by Roy Raz features imagery fit for a Lady Gaga video. However, where Gaga’s creations are filled with product placements, this one seems more real. Well, as real as a video full of unreal images can feel.

What is shown here is nothing new. Homo-eroticism coupled with costumes and characters of freaks. It’s part Studio 54 and part Cirque du Soleil with a little Marilyn Manson thrown in too. Is it art? Sexy? Scary? All?

Why I liked watching it, and why I keep watching it, is that the music matches the images. Where Gaga’s music is bubblegum coupled with art-house visuals, this is fantastic in large part to The Irrepressibles‘ “In This Shirt,” the haunting, lingering song that stays with you much longer after the video fades.