Green tech finds (8/5/10)

NASCAR, bicycles, and recycled guns… your green tech finds for the week.

  • It all started with the bicycle: Trade pub Mechanical Engineering sings praises to the bicycle… not only as an engineering breakthrough for its time, but also as a “platform” for other transportation developments.

  • NASCAR goes solar: Well, sort of… the Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania now operates the tenth-largest solar farm in the US (and the biggest of any sports arena in the world).

  • Hybrid port cranes: The Port of Los Angeles will be testing out diesel-hybrid technology on rubber tired gantry cranes (which move and stack shipping containers) thanks to an EPA grant.

  • Solar panels are hot: According to Stanford University researchers in the journal Natural Materials, solar cells become less efficient in higher temperatures… so they’re working with new materials and concepts to capture energy from both light and heat. (via SmartPlanet)

  • Concierge “green-tuning”: Colorado-based Green Garage “specializes in ‘green-tuning’ cars to run cleaner, greener and cheaper through sustainable, energy-saving automotive maintenance and repair products”… and brings a mobile garage to your home for pick-up and delivery. (via Springwise)

  • Artificial energy-storing islands: The Green Power Island is a concept put forth by Danish architectural firm Gottlieb Paludan for storing the country’s ample supply of wind power. That’s an artistic rendering of an island for Copenhagen above. (via Planetsave)

  • Online shopping is greener… right? That’s what the United States Postal Service claims with data on greenhouse gas emissions for delivery vs. driving to the mall. The Inspired Economist’s Heidi Tolliver-Nigro wonders if all factors have been taken into account

  • Not exactly swords to ploughshares: But the Los Angeles County Sheriff came up with an innovative way to recycle seized guns… melt them down, and turn them into rebar for highway projects. (via ecopolitology)

See any cool green tech stories this week that we missed? Let us know about them…


Image credit: Green Power Island