Green tech finds (8/12/10)

The greenest cell phone companies, solar Marines, and DIY LED Facebook notification… your green tech finds for the week.

  • Smart energy cities: The NRDC’s Smarter Cities project has published a list of 22 US cities taking the lead on more sustainable energy use and production. (via GreenTech Pastures)

  • LED Facebook notification: OK, this is only marginally green, but Instructables has a project up for a DIY Facebook notification device that uses LED lights.

  • Hooah for solar: The US Marines are testing out solar-powered combat base models at Twentynine Palms, California (pictured above).

  • Green tech camp: Move over space, chess, and math camps — Ohio’s Owens Community College just wrapped up its “Big Green Machine” tech and science camp.

  • Sponging up storm water: Storm water’s a major source of water pollution… mainly because it picks up all sorts of nasty stuff on the way to drainage systems (and, eventually, watersheds, rivers, and oceans). The EPA has just approved AbTech Industries Smart Sponge technology for cleaning up coliform bacteria in that run-off.

  • All your green news in one place: Inspired Economist blogger Nathan Schock describes how he’s created a “green newspaper” with a combination of Twitter lists and the app.

  • What are the greenest cell phones? We’ve touched on various green phones from time to time, but Planetsave has a run-down of the greenest cell phone companies… and the top spot surprised me.

  • Green McMansions come to the Midwest: Custom home builder Phil Reagan saw a sharp drop in business with the recession… so, for his next project, he’s decided to build a community of net-zero energy homes in New Lenox, Illinois. The first models for Prairie Ridge Estates will open in November. (via Green Living Ideas)

What did you find this week? Let us know about it…


Image credit: Lance Cpl. M.C. Nerl via the US Marines