Amazing dance video: Turfing

No, this isn’t a dramatic scene out of a dance movie (one of my guilty favorite story themes): it’s just four “cooler than you’ll ever be” guys on a soggy and rainy street corner doing dance moves that can only qualify as expert level dancing otherwise known as “turfing.” The dancers are “No Noize (red jacket), Man (back jacket), BJ (striped shirt), Dreal (white shirt)” and this video was directed and edited by YAK Films, a Oakland based “production team of young filmmakers…dedicated to youth-led multimedia production which provides a voice of resistance and an alternative to played-out mainstream media.”

I’ve recently started taking hip hop dance classes at Alvin Ailey in the hopes I’ll be able to someday do one-fiftieth of what these kids are doing. Most likely I’ll just end up spraining my groin.

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