Amanda Wachob's tattoos

I am sort of obsessed with Amanda Wachob‘s artwork. Not only does the New Yorker paint unique canvasses, but she also decorates bodies. Most tattoo artists seem to be men. Wachob’s tattoo work is quite feminine. It’s not for everyone and does not speak to the history of the tattoo art form directly, but it is something new and unlike anything else. It’s beautiful.

Her site is broken down into abstract, conceptual, and modern designs. The abstract, my favorite, turns skin to canvas. The results look like primary hued brush strokes. Her conceptual pieces include an apple tattooed on an Adam’s apple and a heart etched into a hand’s palm. And her modern tattoos bridge the gap between her style and the great artistry of tattooing. Even if you’re not in the market to color your skin you should take a look at this unique artist’s work.