A new life for shipping pallets

Photos by Mila Hacke. More after the jump.

DIY home sites are always dreaming up ways to reinvent that ubiquitous piece of seemingly un-reusable wood, the shipping pallet. There have been some nice efforts, like studiomama’s Shipping Pallet Chair, or vectroave‘s more straightforward furniture applications, but none so big or beautiful as Matthias Loebermann’s Palettenpavillon.

The Berlin-based designer and his team stacked and staggered hundreds of pallets into a surprisingly curvy, cave-like form. Designed as a temporary space, Palettenpavillon can be easily assembled, requiring only ground anchors and tie rods for support. Then, once it has served its purpose, it can be disassembled and recycled. This is first pallet project I’ve seen that treats the material as more than just a square-ish block of wood. It not only finds a use for it, but gives it a new life.