A glimpse of the World Trade Center train station

Santiago Calatrava has been talking about his plans for the World Trade Center Transportation Hub for some a while now, dropping hints about the splendor of the station being akin to “the grandeur and sense of occasion offered by the great room of Grand Central, with its celestial roof and shafts of sunlight.” Although it’ll be at least another 4 years before his scaled-back, over-budget PATH station is completed, a new video rendering from The Wall Street Journal gives us an idea of what a $3.2 billion train station looks like.

Calatrava, who has made a career designing train stations and public spaces, takes no responsibility for the symbolism he thinks people will expect in his WTC design. “Wait another generation,” he says. They “can build the iconic part, but the platforms, the services, the generous spaces, the sense of arrival—these things they will never be able to move.”