2010 Emmys round-up

So the Emmys happened on Sunday night and I watched it right until Mad Men at 10 pm. NY Magazine’s Vulture blog had a nice round-up of the show’s highlights and lowlights with a headline asking “Were these the best Emmys ever?” (no), as well as the attendees’ sartorial selections. Side note: My favorite observation of the show was by my friend Ayo with whom I was watching the show in his apartment. Ayo asked, “Has anyone seen a photo of Betty White when she was younger? I bet she was hot. I’d get after it.”

The best thing about this year’s Emmys was the commentary by John Hodgman, who filled in the dead air during winners’ walks to the stage with understated, but hilarious “Hodgmanian facts that were either fun or patently false, and usually a mixture of the two.”

“Economists credit Jane Lynch’s character on Glee with creating over 62,000 new jobs in the polyester tracksuit industry.”

“Ryan Murphy was previously nominated for directing the pilot of Nip/Tuck. Until then, no one in Hollywood had even heard of plastic surgery.”

“As Jim Parson walks to the stage now, nerds across America are taking to the streets in joy, setting cars on fire, and then backing away, using their inhalers.”

More of Hodgman in the future please.

Lastly, in case you’re keeping score, here’s the complete list of winners.